Enjoy Japan from your very own Kitchen!Enjoy Japan from your very own Kitchen!

About us

Welcome to Osaka Kitchen!
I am very happy and excited to invite you to my kitchen. I am Yoko, a food loving, travel loving, people loving Osakan. My cooking knowledge comes firstly my mother in Nagoya, then from my experience at a cooking school in Osaka but also from my learning about food in restaurants all over the world! I believe local kitchens are the best places to get to know a country.
So how about to trying some cooking during your stay in Japan?
I would like to share time and food with you in Osaka, food capital of Japan!

Yoko Inagaki

Food coordinator (certificated by FCAJ)
Take lesson of Tea ceremony in Kyoto (Ura senke)
Lived in China 1and half year

Yoko Inagaki


Osaka kitchen is a fun, tasty and interesting experience in
the heart of Osaka. I got a real look inside real people's lives and
Yoko is such a kind host.
Never knew you could do so much with seaweed!"

ー Sam, Cycle Osaka

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List of charges

Course Lunch cooking course(11:30~14:30)
Dinner cooking course (18:00~21:00)※Starting time is adjustable
Charges Roast Wagyu Beef.¥9,000/per person ※¥10,000 if only 1 participant
※Includes 8% sales tax
The other menus ¥7,000/per person ※¥9,000 if only 1 participant
※Includes 8% sales tax
Option Macha set +¥500
Sake tasting set +¥1,000
For sale Cooking utensils, homemade miso, Sparking sake, Japanese style apron are available for sale.
Includes Apron and towel rental and recipe print out
Payment via major credit card(Visa, Amex, Master card) accepted
Payment via Paypal accepted
Cancellation policy Cancellations made a day before visiting will incur a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Access to Osaka kitchen

From Namba, Shinsibashia area
15 min by subway
From Osaka station, Umeda area
10 min by subway
From Kyoto
50 min by Keihan, Hankyu, JR line
From Nara
50 min by Kintetsu and subway line

Meeting point

  1. Minami morimachi station
    (Subway T21Tanimachi line, K13Sakaisuji line)
    Exit 4b In front of supermarket KOHYO
  2. Osaka Temmangu station(JR Tozai line)
    Connected to Minami morimachi station

Meeting point: Minami morimachi station

Minami morimachi station

The day of visiting us

the day of visiting us
  1. 1: Nice to meet you at
    meeting point.
  2. 2: Arrive at Osaka kitchen by foot.
  3. 3: Short lecture of today's cooking
  4. 4: Cooking time
  5. 5: Bon appetite!
    (90 min)
  6. 6: Send you to the station.
    See you again!

How to join Osaka Kitchen

  1. 1: Click “Book now”
    send a mail of requested date, time, menu, your name, contact address.
  2. 2: Reply you
    Osaka kitchen will reply to you and we can decide your plan.
  3. 3: Payment
    Payment via credit card or Paypal.paypal
  4. 4: Confirmation
    Confirmation mail.
    See you later!

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