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    • Lunch
    Osaka City Tour
    • 18,000 yen
    • 11:00-14:00
    Osaka City Tour image
    • Lunch
    Market tour
    18,000 yen
    Market tour image
    • Lunch
    Sake brewery tour
    18,000 yen
    sake tour image
    • Lunch
    Knife tour
    18,000 yen
    knife tour image
  • Prices are inclusive of all planned meals, drinks and guide fee!
  • All tours have a maximum of 4 guests

Customized tours

Customized Tours are available

Any request is welcomed!

Ticket arrangement, restaurant reservation, Tea ceremony experience, pottery making,,,

About us

Meet Yoko

Yoko Inagaki
Yoko Inagaki
Cooking instructor of
Food coordinator (certificated by FCAJ)
Licenced guide (English / EN01140)
Lived in China 1-1/2 year

Hi! I am Yoko, a tour guide of OSAKA KITCHEN TOURS.

Japan is one of well known foodie destination. However it's not easy to find places and enjoy like a local people. That's too sad as a cooking instructor living in food famous Osaka.

Japan is a foodie destination. However, it's not easy to find places and enjoy them like the locals. I’ve come to learn this through my experience at , the cooking school I run for international guests. OSAKA KITCHEN TOURS was started so I can take my guests out of the kitchen and into the city.

I want to share my passion to food, not only in tiny beloved local eateries, but also at sake breweries, knife workshops, anywhere related to food! Let's enjoy some fun, insightful, and tasty local experiences together!

Q: Where is the favorite place?
A: The counter of any restaurant, or just around my neighborhood, Minami-Morimachi near Osaka station!
Q: What is the favorite past time?
A: I enjoy practicing tea ceremony and strolling along the Nakanoshima riverside.

Tour procedure

How to join

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    Click "book now"
    Send a mail of inquiry with your basic info.

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    We will reply to you and finalize a schedule.

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    Payment via credit card or .

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    Finished, see you for the tour!

On the tour day

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    Meet at agreed time and place.

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    Walk, eat, drink together!

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    Farewell at the agreed station or location.

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